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Crystals are believed to have the power to help with certain ailments and enhance desired qualities in people’s lives. Simply holding, rubbing or placing these pretty gemstones on the body can rebalance its energy field.

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Obsidian was often used as an amulet and peace blessing in ancient times. An intensely protective stone, obsidian is said to help form a shield against physical and emotional negativity...

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Turquoise is a strengthening stone that can help with weariness, sadness, and panic attacks. When the mind became muddled, it was thought to restore clear perception and so secure good fortune...

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White Crystals

The energy contained in white crystal is the most representative in crystal, with the most functions, the widest application and the most help. It has the functions of focusing, concretation...

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Different crystals are said to offer different benefits. Here at Crystals Bottle, there are up to 10 premium chakra healing crystals you can choose to charge and infuse your drinking water with good vibes. Focus on what kind of healing your body and soul need and choose the crystals you’re most drawn to.

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Crystals Bottle Australia


Personalised name
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Crystals Bottle Australia


Stainless steel tea strainer
and infuser

Crystals Bottle Australia


Glass divider separating the crystals
from water

Crystals Bottle Australia


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